A Father’s Pain

Read this story by a father who lost his daughter in a school shooting
Friends, my daughter Veronika used to surprise me with lunch at work so we could eat together. How many high school kids want to spend more time with their parents?
Since May 23, 2014, the day my 19-year-old daughter was shot and killed in the mass shooting in Isla Vista, there hasn’t been a day when I wouldn’t give anything to eat lunch with her again. To hear about her last math test, her next cross-country meet – to hear her laugh.
I know nothing I do now will change the fact that my daughter’s life was taken by a man who should never have had a gun on that day he murdered six innocent people. Nothing will make my daughter show up outside my office door again. 
So instead I’ve been focused on passing the Safety for All initiative’s lifesaving gun violence prevention measure, Prop. 63, so no other parent has to wonder what kind of amazing things their child would’ve done or how they would’ve grown up, if given the time.
I’m asking you now – because I cannot do this alone – to help Safety for All hit its most important deadline so far, make sure we pass Prop. 63 and bring commonsense gun violence prevention to California. The NRA will never let us get another chance like this, and I refuse to look back knowing we fell short.
Please give whatever you can to help us hit this goal, pass Prop. 63 in November and make sure no other parent has to experience the grief I’ll carry with me forever.
We cannot just keep watching the NRA tighten its grip on Congress, and politicians do nothing while families like mine are ripped apart.
We’ve got to educate our fellow Californians about Safety for All and pass Prop. 63 this November, and it’s not going to happen without you.
I need you right now: Donate $5 or more to Safety for All to pass Prop. 63 and stop gun violence in California.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Bob Weiss

© 2016 | Safety for All, Yes on Prop. 63, a Newsom Ballot Measure Committee. Paid for by Safety for All, Yes on Prop. 63, Newsom Ballot Measure Committee. Major funding by California Democratic Party and Newsom for California Lieutenant Governor 2014.


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