Many people hear autism and they feel sorry for the parents and the child. Most people feel someone with autism cannot live a decent life.

The new show on ABC, The Good Doctor, shows that a person with autism can achieve a great deal in life. I treat many children with autism and the majority of these kids live happy lives and go on to live productive lives as an adult.

I found this post on Tumblr and I think in helps point out that there are some positive aspects to autism and it is not a hopeless situation for a person who has autism.

nice things about being autistic

-hearing tiny beautiful sounds like water droplets and leaves crunching
-knowing lots of fun trivia from special interests over the years
-brightly colored things that make ur eyes happy
-that feeling when someone asks you to tell them about sth you know a lot about and it’s infodump time !!!!!!
-the Good Foods™
-when ur logical and rational thinking helps you solve a problem or think of something other people wouldn’t
-nice textures are So Nice: cats, very soft blankets, smooth and cold stones, the inside of a brand new sweatshirt

(we could all use some autism positivity. pls reblog and add ur own! it’s ok if they contradict each other or if u don’t relate to all of them; we’re all different)

Dr. Rubino specializes in treating children. Visit his website

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