When people hear about mental health they often think about people sleeping in the street or eating out of garbage cans. However, this is not the reality. Mental health issues are the same as physical health issues. They need to be treated. Diabetes is caused by a chemical imbalance, the chemical being insulin. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. The amount of serotonin is off for a person dealing with depression. Therefore why should we treat them differently?

This stigma does result in people succeeding at Suicide and it can destroy families because someone does not seek mental health care. If they commit suicide, this impacts the entire family. The shooting in Thousand Oaks is an example of what can happen when people don’t receive mental health care. The mother said she had been afraid of her son for a long time and tried to seek help. The mother lived for years in fear of her son and now she has to live with the fact that her son murdered 12 people and injured many more. All because of the negative stigma associated with mental health care and the lack of mental health care.

I have included a link to a video by Heads Together where a husband and wife discusses how the stigma associated with mental health impacted their family. https://www.facebook.com/201404780244288/posts/671244049927023/

Dr. Michael Rubino is a psychotherapist with over 20 years experience treating children and teenagers. For more information about Dr. Rubino visit his website http://www.RubinoCounseling.com or http://www.Facebook.com/drrubino3.

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