We know the traditional male stereotype is unhealthy for men & boys. I have many parents bring their teenage boys in for therapy due to depression. I have also heard many boys tell me they feel empty and numb. They tell me they can’t describe how they feel.

If I ask if they ever cry, they look shocked. Boys are not allowed to cry. While they can’t tell me how they feel they can tell me all the rules about acting like a man. They also discuss how they don’t really talk with their friends. They say they joke around with their guy friends. As a result, they never know how anyone is feeling and they feel lonely at times.

Here is another article discussing how living by the stereotype leads to a feeling of isolation for teens. This increase the odds of drugs, fighting & early sexual activity https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2018/06/imagining-a-better-boyhood/562232/

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