Teenagers know it is illegal for them to use marijuana in the open. Therefore, many teenagers have found ways that they can use marijuana and feel it is legal and safe. They don’t worry about anyone noticing they are smoking or that anyone can smell marijuana. The answer Many teenagers believe e-cigarettes, vaping pens and Hookah pens are the answer. Unfortunately, parents and teachers are not fully aware of this methods and teens can use them in class and at home.

Vaporizing is the newest method teens are using. They use vaping pens for nicotine and for marijuana. I have seen teens actively using vaporizing pens on school campuses and trying to use them in my office. They feel they are safe and they will not get into trouble using them.

Many people will say E cigarettes and vaping are safer than smoking. Teenagers have believed this for years and used this argument as a reason they should be allowed to use them. However the newest research does not indicate that is true. Research by the CDC indicates that vaping or using e-cigarettes put teenagers at a higher risk to become addicted to strong drugs than marijuana.

A teenager’s brain is still developing. This is why if they sustain a head trauma, their prognosis and recovery is better than someone who is 40 years old. Research is showing that since the neural pathways in a teenage brain are still developing, when teenagers vape it creates changes in the teenage brains. The research by the CDC indicates that these changes increase the probability that the teen will become addicted easier to stronger drugs than marijuana.

Another research study just released shows just using an e-cigarette or vaping just once creates changes in a person’s artery. For example, after vaping once the femoral artery narrows. The research does indicate that after a few hours it returns to it’s normal size, but the question they are now exploring is do these changes become permanent at some point.

Finally, the most recent results to be released by the CDC indicate that a number of states are investigating the link between vaping and severe lung damage and illnesses. California is investigating 19 cases where teens who used vaping pens on a regular basis were admitted to hospitals with rare lung issues.

Besides these results teenagers believe by vaping they are exposed to less THC. However, research indicates the opposite. Vaping weed allows more THC into a teenager’s body and brain. In fact, people who vape weed state that it creates more of an intense body high that lasts for a day or two. People warn that if someone is not use to this it can create a traumatic experience for the teen. With vaporizing someone can do what is referred to as a volcano. The weed is vaporized into a plastic bag so it can be inhaled over time.

People who I have spoken to state vaporizing is not as safe as teens think. The body high it creates and the length of the high could be traumatic for a teenager. However, they are seeing more teens getting into it even though they don’t know exactly what they are getting into. Combine these facts with the recent research results and it is becoming more apparent that vaping is not as safe as teenagers think and that teenagers do not have all the facts about vaping.

Parents do your own research and talk to your teens. There are more and more drugs out there and more ways to use them than ever before. Teenagers don’t know exactly what they are getting into and can end up in a bad situation. They need your guidance more than ever regarding these new drugs and methods of use.

The Hookah Pens and Vaporizers are very popular today. In addition so are the designer drugs such as Mollies and Thunder Bolts. No one knows exactly what is in them so many Emergency Room doctors are unable to treat these teens and they die.

Another thing teens are using is GNC stores. Everything in there is a vitamin so it does not have to be tested by the FDA. However many of these vitamins used at the right amount give teens a long lasting high. Many parents don’t suspect anything because their teen says they are taking vitamins for their sport team their on. Look at and research anything they are taking.

Well your teenager has found a new toy to use. Many teens have been smoking Hookah because they believe that it is safer than cigarettes or marijuana. Unfortunately they are wrong. It is just as dangerous and might be more dangerous.

Smoking Hookah is a group activity that is common in the Middle East and India. Since it is a group activity, it is appealing to teens. Also since many adults here in the United States know little about it, this makes it more appealing to teens because it is easier to lie about. If you look up Hookah, you will find there are numerous places that teens can go in Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek and Concord to buy a Hookah pipe and Hookah to smoke. There are also Hookah cafes similar to Starbucks where teens can go and smoke it. And now finally there is the Hookah pen. It looks like a regular pen so they can take it any where such as school and smoke.

However, the Hookah pipe can be used for smoking more than Hookah. The teens are combining Hookah with marijuana to get high. Now that there is a Hookah pen, or vaporizer pen, teens can easily take this to school and smoke during class. As a parent you may want to discuss Hookah with your teen and see what they know or don’t know. You may want to discuss the pros and cons too. Also remind them if they get caught with the pen on campus, they are in trouble.

One thing this should point out to parents is that you should never let your your guard down. Teens are always developing new ways and new devices to get high. Check out this video on YouTube to learn more about these pens.

Read more about the effect of these “waterpipe” smoking devices from the World Health Organization.

Dr. Michael Rubino specializes in treating teens. He has over 20 years experience treating children and teenagers. For more information on Dr Michael Rubino’s work or his private practice visit his web site at http://www.RubinoCounseling.com or his Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/drrubino3.

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