Parents read this report about how many teens & kids as young as 10 are using flavored tobacco products. They think there is no danger because it is flavored.

Many teens have stated they started smoking because they see no threat to flavored tobacco. Also recent research studies show adolescents are likely to turn down a cigarette from a friend, but if it is flavored they are likely to accept.

We are not talking about cigarettes. Federal law prohibits manufactures from flavoring cigarets. Instead, teenagers are using flavored E-cigarettes, vaping pens, cigars and hookah. They have flavors such as cotton candy, chocolate and gum balls. These names are common names adolescents associate with candy. Also research shows adolescents are drawn to sweet tasting objects. Therefore, these flavored tobacco products are very appealing to adolescents.

These items are not difficult for teens to buy online and they are being advertised online too. Therefore, adolescents are once again trying tobacco products in middle school and continuing because they have become addicted. However, most would not have tried the tobacco in the beginning if the name did not sound like they were using candy.

I have included a link to a detailed report about flavored tobacco products so you can understand how wide spread this issue is in the adolescent population . via @truthinitiative.

Dr. Michael Rubino is a psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of children and teenagers. For more information about his work or private practice visit his website

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